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CNS Aerospace (A.C.N. 627-252-073)

Welcome to the CNS Aerospace page.

I am a member of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine (ASAM), a knowledgeable and dedicated group of people, many of whom are doctors affiliated with both aviation and the armed forces.

I recently presented a talk on the similarities between aviation and surgery, at ASAM’s 2018 Annual Meeting held at Alice Springs. The manuscript is being peer-reviewed, and I will post a copy of the talk and manuscript here in the near future.

My skill set related to the aerospace medicine sector is that I am a:

  • Brain & spine surgeon familiar with the use of robotic and navigation systems intra-operatively;
  • Tele-medicine/tele-health specialist serving people located remotely throughout Australia;
  • Licensed fixed wing aircraft pilot;
  • Inventor with two U.S. patents in my name (U.S. Patent 6,821,264Gene Delivery Device and Gene Delivery Method“; and U.S. Patent 7,947,456Assessing Brain Aneurysms“).

While completing my biomedical PhD at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota USA, I wrote two professional papers on virtual reality technology and its key neurosurgical applications, published back-to-back in 1999, in Perspectives in Neurological Surgery. On pages 123-125 of the second paper, I referred to tele-surgery and robotics, which are now a reality. This raises very exciting prospects as the aviation and aerospace sectors flourish worldwide, noting that the Australian Space Agency (ASA) headed by Dr Megan Clark AC, formally commenced its operations on 1 July, 2018. The inaugural joint meeting of the ASA and ASAM, which I attended, was held in Melbourne on 31 August, 2018.

PDF copies of both of my original 1999 manuscripts are presented here:

  1. Virtual Frontiers, Part 1: Fundamental Concepts and Recent Advances in Virtual Reality Technology
  2. Virtual Frontiers, Part 2: Role if Virtual Reality Technology in Neurosurgery

I will add other relevant information to this page in the near future.

Dr Gautam (Vini) Khurana