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Spine – Artificial discs, Mini-cages, Robotic surgery

Welcome to Dr Khurana’s Spinal Instrumentation page.

Click the following links for brief and informative step-by-step videos on Dr Khurana’s “total disc arthroplasty (TDR)” aka “spinal arthroplasty” surgeries:




dr_vini-khurana_latest_hybrid_cervical_disc_surgeryPost op hybrid khurana

Above images (click each or use your zoom to enlarge): The latest in “minimal footprint” hybrid cervical disc replacement technology (Left, intraop.; Right, three months post-op.)  — no plates, no screws, no cervical collar; the upper artificial disc inserted to preserve mobility and reduce wear-and-tear at adjacent segments; operation carried out by Dr Khurana at East Sydney Private Hospital (Intraoperative view; Mobi-C, ROI-C; courtesy Device Technologies/LDR). A beautiful structural and functional result.

Below images (click each or use your zoom to enlarge): The latest in “minimal footprint” lumbar disc replacement technology (Images a&b: Pre-op. CT & SPECT showing severe degeneration at L4/5 and L5/S1 with “deflated and worn tyre” disc spaces and a slip at L5/S1; Image c: The ROI-A cage. Image d: Post-op. CT showing beautiful restoration of disc heights and reduction of slip via insertion of ROI-A cages through a small abdominal incision – no plates, no screws, no hip graft, just minimally invasive techniques and technologies in action; courtesy Device Tech./LDR).

a.Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.01.43 am b.Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 12.20.17 pm c. d.Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.02.36 am

ROBOTIC SPINAL SURGERY has also been introduced into our Practice. Immediately below, see images of the Mazor Robot with Renaissance Guidance System in action at the Epworth Hospital, with real-time neuromonitoring of the patient during the procedure. The Robot has been introduced because it has been internationally tested and reported to be: Intuitive. Quick. Precise. Safe.

[With thanks to: Epworth Hospital, Life Healthcare, Mazor, Neuro-monitoring Services Australia]


Images shown here are with the permission of Dr Khurana’s patients, for educational purposes.

  • Neurosurgeons Mr Vini Khurana (Partner, Neurological Surgery Victoria/NSV) & Mr Ron Jithoo (Director, NSV).

Shown on this page are minimal-footprint artificial spinal discs and interbody cages, and Robot-navigated screws… ‘state-of-the-art’ technologies and minimally invasive options and techniques designed and tailored to minimise disturbance to your natural tissues and maximise your functional outcome.

Images 3 & 4 (above): Two-level Mobi-C cervical disc replacement: Post-op. X-ray shows C5/6 and C6/7 artificial discs with normal lordosis (blue lines). Similar concept in Images 5 & 6 (below).

The above ROI-A lumbar cage (filled with a natural bone tissue scaffold-matrix) is placed using a minimally invasive surgical approach via a small abdominal incision (aiming to facilitate a quicker and smoother recovery). No screws, no plates, no hip graft. Typically, even our 2-level ROI-A patients are up and walking the day after surgery.

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