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For a neurosurgical opinion, you don’t need to have private health insurance cover to see Dr Khurana in his consulting Rooms, but an out-of-pocket expense applies (see below) as we are not a bulk-billing Practice. Typically, you will automatically receive a Medicare rebate shortly after an in-person consultation when referred by your doctor. What is listed below is your expected out-of-pocket expense, depending on the service you’re seeking from the Practice.


  • WORKCOVER: Dr Khurana is happy to see and assist Workcover/ Workers Compensation patients and their insurers and medical and rehabilitation providers. If the consultation is part of a WorkCover / Workers Compensation claim or other Medicolegal (IME) matter, there are special arrangements; please call our Rooms on 02 (+61 2) 9331 4998 or 0400 683 662 for specific information and see the relevant information in the table below. Our surgical fees are for our Private Rooms’ surgical service by Dr Khurana and his professional assistant and, as such, may not be approved by your insurer. Please discuss with your insurer before booking in with Dr Khurana (see our Workcover patient appointment fee, in the table below)
  • DVA: From October 25, 2022, Dr Khurana NO LONGER carries out surgeries on DVA patients. If you are a DVA patient and wish to consult with him, please note that you will need to be seen as a private patient (consultation gap applies; see below) and that your surgery if under DVA will need to be done by someone else. Our surgical fees are for our Private Rooms’ surgical service by Dr Khurana and his professional assistant and, as such, are typically not covered by the DVA rates.
  • CTP: Dr Khurana does NOT see private CTP / road traffic accident patients. He may see CTP / road traffic accident-related patients/matters as part of an IME (Independent Medical Examination) with him, if referred by a law firm or insurer. Please refer to our CNS Medicolegal division Website.

CNS Neurosurgery‘s fees are guided by the current AMA rates. The expected “out-of-pocket expense” for each type of consultation we offer is listed in the table below. We do require the settlement of in-person consultation fees at the time of the consultation via EFTPOS card or credit card (Visa, Mastercard), and do not accept cash or cheque.


  • For email, facsimile, telephone and Skype tele-health consultations (e-consults) or an authorised record request, we generally provide an estimate of the fee and proposed service prior to confirming the appointment / e-consult /authorised record request with Dr Khurana. The e-consults and record requests are typically not covered by a Medicare rebate. The fee is billed via credit card prior to the requested service.
  • If you are seeking a private opinion from Dr Khurana, we will inform you of the necessary information required, the process, and the estimated cost. Some patients request complex medical matters to be sorted out by Dr Khurana, and an additional fee will apply in such circumstances, even if a GP has referred you for such. We will inform you of the details prior to scheduling the appointment.
  • We do accept ‘second opinion’ requests from patients, but our staff will advise the Private Rooms fee around the time the request is received, based on its urgency and specific circumstances.
  • If you are referred by a GP to Dr Khurana, the letter from Dr Khurana will go to the referring GP, and cannot be directed by you or a third party to be for ‘non-disclosure’ to the referring GP.
  • Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Our Appointment Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy for Medicare-eligible Patients in Australia:

In the event of a neurosurgical consultation appointment with Dr Khurana being cancelled by a patient or a third party on behalf of the patient, CNS Neurosurgery reserves the right to request full pre-payment of any subsequent consultation requested for that patient. The pre-payment fee (equal to the full cost of the future consultation) is non-refundable but any applicable Medicare rebate for the completed consultation may still be claimed by the patient via the payment receipt we issue.

Schedule of Fees (2024)

CNS Neurosurgery services

Approximate out-of-pocket expense (AUD)

Standard/NON-complex Private Rooms VISIT for Medicare card holders – i.e., an in-person-neurosurgical consultation when referred by your doctor: $250 (i.e., Initial consult fee is $373.05, and $123.05 of this amount is rebated to the patient from Medicare, as at Jan. 2024). If the matter is deemed COMPLEX, we will inform you of the out-of-pocket fee  prior to scheduling the appointment.
Private Rooms VISIT for WorkCover / Workers Compensation claims or other Medicolegal (IME) matters:

For private medicolegal matters, please call our Rooms on 02 9331 4998 or 0400 683 662 for specific information. Medicolegal (IME) consultations may require pre-payment of the agreed fee by the law firm, insurer or Government agency involved.

For WorkCover/Workers Compensation patients, our Private fee is approx. $350 for a 30-45 minute neurosurgical consultation including the Rooms letter from us to your referring GP and, if applicable, Rehab provider. The fee will need to be paid in full by you/the patient via credit card or EFTPOS on the day.  We are happy to provide you/the patient with a formal receipt for the consultation fee, which can be used by you to claim a reimbursement from your WorkCover insurer. Please check with your insurer regarding how much they will reimburse you for the consultation, as they may not reimburse the full amount.

Consideration of written, phone, faxed or emailed information and the furnishing of a brief verbal or written opinion ( i.e., an e-consult) or document:

$650 (minimum) for material up to 10 regular pages for medicare-eligible patients in Australia.* Note: for more “complex” material (e.g., medicolegal opinion, health insurance documents, CD ROM review or other documents) a quotation will be provided to you. Please call our Rooms on 0400 683 662 or for specific information email

* If you are an overseas or international patient, see ** below for applicable fees.

TELE-medicine/ Tele-health consultation; i.e., a Zoom or Skype e-consult for patients throughout Australia (beyond NSW/ACT) or Overseas:

National (beyond NSW/ACT) minimum $250 (depending on the time or complexity involved)**

PLEASE NOTE: To secure a tele-health appointment slot with Dr Khurana, an over-the-phone PREPAYMENT is required, and that pre-payment is NON-refundable in the event of rescheduling by the patient or their remote/regional doctor. Such rescheduled appointments incur a repeat non-refundable pre-payment prior to confirmation of the rescheduled appointment date and time.

** INTERNATIONAL – For standard overseas telehealth / e-consult patients, the current fee (in US$ and per 30-minute block) is US$605, required to be electronically pre-paid prior to confirmation of the consultation date and time with Dr Khurana.This non-refundable fee includes Dr Khurana’s medical letter/brief report that will be emailed to you/the patient following the consultation. For complex medical or medicolegal matters involving overseas patients, we will provide an individual quotation at the time of your inquiry and, if the patient/client wishes to proceed, we will require pre-payment prior to arranging the date and time of the consultation. For all inquiries, please email: An urgency fee may apply.

Surgical fees: Guided by contemporary AMA Rates

  • Partly covered by Medicare AND your Private Health Insurer, and can depend on your “level” of private coverage and insurer;
  • We believe in, and practice, informed financial consent for our patients. We are happy to provide an estimate / quotation of the expected surgical fees and Medicare remunerations to you around the time of the consultation regarding your surgical treatment
  • We recommend that patients check early on that they are covered by their Private Health Insurer for private hospital expenses. The procedure’s “MBS item numbers” are obtained from Dr Khurana at the time of surgical quotation. We recommend a top (e.g., “Gold”) level of private health insurance coverage for your hospital expenses