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A wonderful set of prosthetics available for my spinal reconstruction patients

I am delighted to be able to offer these amazing anterior spinal reconstruction prosthetics to my patients. I truly believe the prosthetics that I use in my patients are class-leading devices. Were a member of my family ever to require such surgery, these would be the types of devices I would want them to have […]

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The latest in MOTION-PRESERVING DISC ARTHROPLASTY for cervical and lumbar degenerative spondylosis patients in Australia – Sydney – Canberra – Melbourne

Motion preservation is by total disc replacement (TDR) / spinal arthroplasty using mobile artificial discs. Not all artificial discs are the same in terms of their design and durability. Since 2015, I have safely surgically implanted scores of cutting-edge and evidence-based prosthetic/implant units in the cervical and lumbar spines of patients in Australia. Post-operatively, we […]

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Why do so many trigeminal neuralgia patients suffer for years in pain BEFORE having microvascular decompression (MVD) surgery?

Trigeminal neuralgia is a condition that can really negatively affect a person’s life. Its successful treatment by an expert neurosurgeon/expert microsurgeon can be positively life-transforming. I’ve written about this condition and its surgical treatment elsewhere on this Website (see the link at bottom of this post, under the photos). A recent trigeminal neuralgia patient of […]

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The Magic of Great Teamwork – A New Lease on Life

Today I think we felt like an experienced and focussed team of 14 people working all day to reconstruct one man’s spine from in “front” (anterior) and “behind” (posterior). I truly believe what we did and how we did it is worldclass, with a focus on patient safety and clinical outcome. This active but progressively […]

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