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The art and teamwork of awake brain tumour surgery

Of all the operations I do, from various forms of minimally invasive anterior spinal and posterior (Robot-assisted) spinal reconstruction to microvascular decompression and tumour surgery, one of my favourite operations is “awake craniotomy”, which I truly believe is a surgical “art form” – Careful planning, enabling technologies, precise technique, and great teamwork. I trust you […]

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Range of motion preservation following minimally invasive anterior & posterior spinal surgery

These photographs below illustrate the excellent range of motion preservation following minimally invasive spinal surgery from either an anterior (Images 1 and 2) or posterior (Image 3) approach. I have had an excellent experience with the anterior (ALIF) and posterior (Robot-assisted) approaches. Images 1 & 2 (below): 6 months following anterior lumbar discectomy using the […]

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Cervical spinal cord salvage after motor vehicle accident: Video

When the spinal cord is injured (in this instance following a motor vehicle accident that led to a massive cervical disc herniation), the situation may be salvageable surgically via anterior decompression and an appropriate choice of reconstruction prosthetics. Have a look at our latest short YouTube video from CNS Neurosurgery: This patient has done well. […]

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Elegant, safe and effective skull reconstruction materials I can depend on

There are some excellent products available to neurosurgeons for skull reconstruction. Here are examples of my personal favourite materials, images from recent surgeries: Image 1, below: After brainstem microvascular decompression. The mini-craniotomy is of a size less than the diameter of an Australian 50c coin. Image 2, below: After re-do and extended craniotomy for multiple […]

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