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Archive: Mar 2017

    The spinal robot in our Practice. Truly incredible.

    The Mazor Robot with its Renaissance Guidance System has been introduced into our Practice. The system is being utilised because it has been internationally tested and reported to be: Intuitive. Quick. Precise. Safe. It will usher in a new era of advanced spinal surgery for those who really need it.     Epworth Hospital, Melbourne. CNS […]

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    Multidisciplinary care in a Private Hospital setting

    Many people still believe that comprehensive brain tumour treatment can only be received in the Public Hospital System or at one of the affiliated comprehensive cancer centres. Not so! At the Epworth Hospital in Richmond VIC, Australia’s largest private hospital, brain cancer and brain tumour patients also receive state-of-the-art and multidisciplinary care from leading neurosurgeons, […]

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    Amazing technologies for cervical and lumbar spine reconstruction

    We have a wonderful team for spinal reconstructive surgeries at the Epworth Hospital in Melbourne, and we’re using some amazing minimally invasive technologies and techniques for such procedures in symptomatic cervical and lumbar spine patients. After careful patient selection (consistent symptoms, clinical signs and imaging findings), I favour anterior procedures over posterior procedures for such […]

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