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Archive: Sep 2017

    Elegant ‘Hybrid’ Technologies for Cervical Reconstruction

    This patient presented with chronic neck and left arm pain. Her pre-operative MRI image below shows bulging degenerative cervical discs at C5/6 (magenta arrow) and C6/7 (red arrow). The C6/7 disc (red arrow) was like a hardened (calcified), deflated ‘car tyre’ affecting the surrounding bone (Modic change) and nerve tissue (stenosis, impingement, radiculopathy). The cross-sectional […]

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    Growing a bridge of bone in the core of cervical fusion cages using geneX

    Australian TGA-approved geneX (from Biocomposites, UK; supplied in Australia by JoySurgical) has uniquely bio-engineered properties aimed at enhancing bone formation, including within the core of cervical fusion cages. The negatively charged surface chemistry attracts cells required for bone growth and remodeling. A key goal in modern anterior cervical fusions is to create a healthy bone […]

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