Welcome to C.N.S. Neurosurgery

In person Sydney (H.Q.), Canberra & Batehaven; Telehealth national & international

  • C.N.S. Neurosurgery is a Private Practice, selected as one of the top three neurosurgical Practices in Sydney by “ThreeBestRated” (TBR). Other recognition has come in April 2022 via “The Fun Empire” (TFE) team’s research. We thank our patients for helping us achieve this recognition, and TBR and TFE for independently validating our Life’s work
  • We are happy to provide ‘first opinion’ and ‘second opinion’ consultations
  • We help people from across Australia and overseas, and have a streamlined process for our interstate traveling patients
  • Our core values are excellence, integrity and compassion, and we strive to deliver optimal, multi-disciplinary care centred on your personal experience and safety
  • We take pride in the scope, quality and accessibility of the neurosurgical services we provide to people, local and interstate

Dr Vini Khurana offers:

  • Consultation including second opinion regarding brain & spine conditions
  • Surgery in Sydney
  • Benchmark medicolegal expert opinion/reports (via www.cnsmedicolegal.com.au)
  • A premium telehealth/telemedicine service since 2013 (Australia-wide + international)

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May 11 2024 “360-degree” (“front-back”) Surgical Reconstruction of “Isthmic” and Advanced “Degenerative” Spondylolisthesis: ALIF with Posterior Back-up Instrumentation

BACKGROUND If there is a congenital (developmental) defect of a posterior stabilising structure of the spine called the pars interarticularis, then a spinal slip (spondylolisthesis) can arise from this "pars…

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