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Expertise in modern minimally invasive brain & spine surgical care + motion-preserving total disc replacement (TDR) surgery / arthroplasty [Cervical & lumbar TDR available to our patients in SYDNEY (Hurstville Pvt) and MELBOURNE (Epworth Richmond)]


  • C.N.S. Neurosurgery is a premier multi-state Private Practice.
  • We are operational during COVID-19 and have returned to face-to-face consultations in Sydney and Canberra, with appropriate precautions in place.
  • We are proud to help people from across Australia and overseas, and have a streamlined process for our interstate traveling patients.
  • Our core values are excellence and compassion, and we strive to deliver optimal, multi-disciplinary care centred on your personal experience and safety.
  • Our fees are ethical, including for brainstem region, skull base, brain cancer & spinal surgeries carried out by Dr Khurana.
  • We take pride in the scope, quality and accessibility of the neurosurgical services we provide to people, local and interstate.
  • Google Reviews of our Practice can be read via our Blog link by clicking here. Follow our work and developments on YouTube and via Blogs linked from the banner at the top of each of our pages.

Dr Vini Khurana offers:

  • Consultation including Second Opinion* regarding brain & spine conditions
  • Surgery in NSW (Hurstville Private and East Sydney Private) and VIC (Epworth Richmond) with seamless interstate travel and accommodation arrangements whenever required
  • Expertise in cranial microsurgery and awake & asleep Minimally Invasive craniotomy techniques – brain tumour, cavernoma, MVD/trigeminal neuralgia
  • Minimally invasive cervical & lumbar total disc replacement (TDR) / disc arthroplasty (click here: SPINAL MOTION-PRESERVATION)
  • Percutaneous Robot-assisted neuronavigated lumbar instrumentation with real-time neuro-monitoring & intraoperative CT available
  • Benchmark private Medicolegal expert opinion/reports
  • Leading telehealth/telemedicine services (established by us in 2013, and consulting throughout Australia and overseas)

*Please note that “second opinion” appointments are not permitted by CNS Neurosurgery if patients have relatively recently been operated by another neurosurgeon or spinal surgeon

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