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Archive: Nov 2017

    Elegant, safe and effective skull reconstruction materials I can depend on

    There are some excellent products available to neurosurgeons for skull reconstruction. Here are examples of my personal favourite materials, images from recent surgeries: Image 1, below: After brainstem microvascular decompression. The mini-craniotomy is of a size less than the diameter of an Australian 50c coin. Image 2, below: After re-do and extended craniotomy for multiple […]

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    The Latest and Best Technologies and Techniques in Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery – Robotics, Intra-op. CT, Nerve Monitoring

    It’s an absolute pleasure to see how the latest and best technologies now available to us can be used to make spinal surgery more accurate, safe, effective, and sustainable for my patients. During this recent surgery at the Epworth Hospital in Richmond, for one of my degenerative spinal patients, we carried out: Detailed pre-operative planning […]

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