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Archive: Jun 2018

    Brain Aneurysm Surgery – Middle Cerebral Artery Aneurysm

    Brain aneurysms are potentially devastating entities. Around 1-2% of people in the general population harbour one or more aneurysm(s), completely unaware. Fortunately, most brain aneurysms don’t cause a problem. Some, however, do, and the biggest problem associated with these is rupture, referred to as “subarachnoid hemorrhage”. Most are treated endovascularly, some (particularly middle cerebral artery […]

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    The latest in cervical spine disc replacement surgery with sleek artificial mobile discs

    When cervical discs get worn or if they’re damaged through injury/trauma, in many instances they can be replaced with artificial mobile discs such as the one shown here (Mobi-C). This particular prosthesis is my preferred choice, and my patient-reported outcomes with this have been overwhelmingly excellent thus far. I have put in many of these […]

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