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Archive: Mar 2021

    The effects of smoking on the spine and spinal surgery outcomes – Review Article

    Do you know what smoking does to the spine? It gradually destroys it. Further, smoking’s negative (adverse) effects on spinal surgery outcomes are also clear and substantial. Here, in this professional and peer-reviewed journal article published today in Surgical Neurology International (SNI), I have spelt it out as best as I can. The paper was […]

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    Introducing CNS Medicolegal – A Benchmark in Brain & Spine Medicolegal Consulting

    CNS Medicolegal (ACN 648 542 509) is a new Australian company established on behalf of G&D Khurana Pty Ltd on 9 March 2021. It is a partner company of CNS Neurosurgery. This development builds upon over 10 years of my medicolegal consulting expertise. The key goal of CNS Medicolegal is to represent a benchmark in […]

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