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Archive: Aug 2017

    Patients’ Google and RateMDs Reviews of C.N.S. Neurosurgery

    Updated 21 May 2022 As of today, we have received over 120 consecutive 5-star reviews of our Practice via Google and RateMDs, two premier Web resources, and are regarded (independently by ThreeBestRated) as one of Sydney’s leading neurosurgical Practices. My staff and I are deeply grateful for these reviews of C.N.S. Neurosurgery from my brain […]

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    Leading Edge of Spinal Surgery: How Far Medical Science and Technology Have Come

    It’s truly amazing and uplifting to see how far medical science & technology, standing upon the broad shoulders of human ingenuity and tenacity, have come. Images below: Robotic spinal surgery helping people overcome their suffering via tiny incisions, i.e., minimal surgical trauma. This patient of mine (whose images are shown here with his permission and […]

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