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Archive: May 2022

    A ‘thing of beauty’ – State-of-the-art anterior hybrid cervical reconstruction: Before vs. After – Artificial disc, cage prosthetics

    Image 1 shows the state of this man’s neck on a lateral X-ray. Mid-60s, with over 40 years of axial neck pain. Pre-operatively, I felt his neck to be relatively “collapsed and kyphotic” especially at C4/5, C5/6 and C6/7. The normal lordosis (slight ‘backward bending’ or ‘anteriorly convex’ curvature) of the cervical spine is also […]

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    Preferred back brace for my lumbar reconstruction patients returning to snow sports or motorcycle use

    For patients of mine who, at one year (minimum) following anterior (+/- posterior) lumbar reconstruction, wish to return to snow sports or riding their motorcycles: Don’t forget my spinal health recommendations given to you in writing following your surgery under my care. They are key to minimising any adjacent segment deterioration; Wear a back brace […]

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    Artificial disc + cage anchor & fusion points for spinal biointegration: “Hybrid” prosthetic construct shown here

    My patients often ask about which parts of the prosthetics that I use during cervical and lumbar anterior reconstruction (i.e., my cages and artificial discs) are meant to “fuse” and which parts are “not meant to fuse“, and how are they “anchored in“? Image 1 below shows my preferred prosthetics: An FHO ESP artificial disc […]

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