Welcome to C.N.S. Neurosurgery

C.N.S. Neurosurgery is a contemporary, multi-state Private Practice with consulting Rooms in Sydney, Canberra and Batehaven/NSW South Coast region; and in Melbourne (in partnership with Neurological Surgery Victoria/NSV).

We take pride in the scope, quality and accessibility of the neurosurgical services we provide to people, local and interstate.

CNS and NSV are pleased to offer access to the brilliant MAZOR ROBOT for selected spinal instrumentation procedures [Lower right, courtesy LifeHealthcare].


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Dr Vini Khurana offers:

  • Consultation including second opinion regarding brain & spine conditions
  • Expertise in cranial microsurgery and awake & asleep minimally invasive craniotomy techniques – brain tumour, cavernoma, MVD/trigeminal neuralgia
  • Minimally invasive spinal artificial discs, cages, & percutaneous neuronavigated screws; Mazor Robot-enhanced spinal instrumentation
  • Private medicolegal expert opinion
  • Telehealth services throughout Australia
  • Dr Khurana carries out BRAIN and SPINAL operations at the renowned Epworth Richmond Hospital near Melbourne’s CBD, and carries out SPINAL operations at the new multispecialty surgical hospital, East Sydney Private Hospital near Sydney’s CBD.
  • CNS Neurosurgery‘s core values are excellence and compassion, and our goal is to provide you with optimal and multidisciplinary care and commitment:
    • In our private practice model, we strive to give our patients a high quality individualised experience and to provide them with ready and personal access to their neurosurgeon.
    • Your best interests, safety and well-being are paramount to why we’re here, so please feel free to contact us for a frank discussion of your symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options, a first or second opinion, or to schedule neurosurgical care and follow-up.

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