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A Complex Neurosurgical Operating Suite

So much effort goes into a complex neurosurgical procedure. It truly is like flying a complex aircraft: ‘Pilot’ and ‘copilot’ surgeons; each step has to be checked; there has to be redundancy (backups) built in to the system; there is a requirement for meticulous attention to detail and sustained focus; critical decision making; and there is no room for cutting corners.

From the time the whole team pauses to confirm the patient’s identity, intended and consented operation, allergies, imaging etc (the “surgical time out“), to the administration of anesthesia, to the careful positioning, padding and securing of the patient, aseptic skin preparation and draping, equipment set-up (including for example neuromonitoring, cortex neurostimulation, robot, CellSaver, ultrasonic aspirator, microscope); then the surgery, and closure, and reversal of anesthesia and recovery,….so many steps have to work out just right, and at the right time.

Here’s a glimpse, one single snapshot in a complex robot-assisted surgery of ours:

And here’s a glimpse of an awake craniotomy with brain mapping using cortical micro-stimulation techniques.


Training, technique, technology.


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