CNS Neurosurgery    |    The latest in MOTION-PRESERVING DISC ARTHROPLASTY for cervical and lumbar degenerative spondylosis patients in Australia – Sydney – Canberra – Melbourne

The latest in MOTION-PRESERVING DISC ARTHROPLASTY for cervical and lumbar degenerative spondylosis patients in Australia – Sydney – Canberra – Melbourne

Motion preservation is by total disc replacement (TDR) / spinal arthroplasty using mobile artificial discs. Not all artificial discs are the same in terms of their design and durability.

Since 2015, I have safely surgically implanted scores of cutting-edge and evidence-based prosthetic/implant units in the cervical and lumbar spines of patients in Australia. Post-operatively, we regularly utilise:

  • integrated bedside physiotherapy (inpatient formal ehabilitation is rarely required in my patients, unless they prefer to have it for personal logistic reasons);
  • holistic perioperative care physician services in addition to my own post-operative supervision of your care;
  • customised/patient-specific instructions; 
  • local “in person” or tele-health (or both) periodic follow-up with me, as needed, usually up until 1 year post-op.

Whenever feasible, surgeries I carry out using anterior minimally invasive techniques are aimed at:

  • preserving natural cervical and lumbar motion as much as possible;
  • decompressing nerve tissue (treating pain);
  • improving spinal contour (natural lordosis); and
  • preserving mechanical stability whenever necessary.

In the lumbar spine, the anterior approach (each via a small abdominal incision) has been accessed via a gifted Australian vascular and transplant surgeon, Miss Sharmila Balanathan, at the Epworth, whom I continue to seamlessly work with to optimise patient safety with our team. People have traveled to us from far and wide across Australia for this surgery.

You’ll see examples of various cervical and lumbar implant reconstructions in the Resources section of this Website and in the various Blogs over these years (for example, this one on ‘hybrid’ constructs, this other one on ‘motion preservation’ even with a special fusion cage, and this other one on ‘dual artificial mobile discs’). Many patients of mine with such prosthetics have kindly written lovely Google reviews of their experience and outcome in my hands.

I have just returned from Paris where I scrubbed in on a number of operations with France’s leading ortho-spinal surgeons using the latest and best in spinal artificial discs for the cervical and lumbar regions. I can see that not all types of discs available on the market today are “equal”, and one previously leading brand is now seeing failure of its disc’s integrity after around 5-7 years of implantation. I will use the incredible techniques and prosthetic educational ‘pearls of wisdom’ I learned in Paris, in order to augment what I already know and do in Australia. This should further benefit my Australian spinal patients now and in the years to come, particularly those keen on motion-preserving surgery (and who wouldn’t be if the circumstance permits?).

Based on my experience thus far (now >20 years in the field of neurosurgery), I believe I have the data, know-how, instrument armamentarium, optimal team, and technical skills to implement optimal prosthetics in MOTION-PRESERVING / MOTION PRESERVATION spinal surgery whenever it’s feasible in my patients. For those people in Australia considering traveling overseas for such surgery, why? (I am told some overseas providers charge packages of Euro$35-40,000 (AUD $55-60,000) for 2-level implants, with a public hospital-style admission and no in-person follow up after returning to Australia, and no appreciable advantage in the technique or prosthetics used).

Consider comparing what we provide and contact CNS Neurosurgery for a second opinion before you decide! My spinal surgeries are carried out at lovely private hospitals in Sydney and Melbourne, depending on what is required for the patient. Our fees are ethical and reasonable.

Dr Vini Khurana, Director, CNS Neurosurgery.

Canberra ACT. Sydney NSW. Melbourne VIC.


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