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Single-level anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) – Range of motion

I often get asked about what the range of lumbar motion is going to be like after a single-level anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF). I say it should be good, based on the experience of my ALIF patients. This patient of mine had an L5/S1 ALIF through a small “bikini-line” lower anterior abdominal incision using […]

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Case of the “spare heart” tumour

Case of the “spare heart” tumour. Teamwork carries the day. Sometimes, neurosurgeons end up in unexpected circumstances! This lady presented with a large mass (boxes 1 & 2, red circle, in the collage below) behind her left lung and abutting her aorta and spine (box 1, yellow circle). The interventional radiologist put spinal markers in […]

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Front-back (360 degree) same-day spinal surgery for advanced conditions

I was at an excellent conference in Melbourne last week and, among other controversial topics, there was a lot of debate around why spinal fusions “don’t work”. Actually, they do work. With careful patient selection and the ‘right procedure’ tailored to the ‘right pathology’ (using minimally invasive techniques wherever possible and only doing what’s absolutely […]

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Young man regains his quality of life after “hybrid” MIS anterior spinal surgery.

This man over a period of 6 years had debilitating discogenic lower back pain from two worn lumbar discs; his quality of life at home and work had been substantially affected. Those defective discs were removed by me 8 weeks ago through a small incision in the lower abdomen (access via our expert vascular-transplant surgeon […]

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