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Cervical spinal salvage with mobile artificial discs, after fusion elsewhere and recent trauma

This patient who had a cervical spinal fusion at C4/5 done interstate a few years ago and did well from that operation, was referred to me following recent cervical trauma that led to significant adjacent level disc herniations (yellow arrows in figure below). The massive acute disc disruption at C6/7 was compressing the cervical cord […]

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Minimally invasive anterior approach used to replace failed posterior approach

This patient was recently referred for ongoing symptoms of low back and leg pain following a procedure done by someone interstate.  The construct (posteriorly placed instrumentation comprised of screws, hooks and rods) had failed to stabilise the spine or resolve the symptoms. This is an x-ray of that posterior construct: I first removed the construct […]

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A Complex Neurosurgical Operating Suite

So much effort goes into a complex neurosurgical procedure. It truly is like flying a complex aircraft: ‘Pilot’ and ‘copilot’ surgeons; each step has to be checked; there has to be redundancy (backups) built in to the system; there is a requirement for meticulous attention to detail and sustained focus; critical decision making; and there […]

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The spinal robot in our Practice. Truly incredible.

The Mazor Robot with its Renaissance Guidance System has been introduced into our Practice. The system is being utilised because it has been internationally tested and reported to be: Intuitive. Quick. Precise. Safe. It will usher in a new era of advanced spinal surgery for those who really need it.     Epworth Hospital, Melbourne. CNS […]

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