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Elegant ‘Hybrid’ Technologies for Cervical Reconstruction

This patient presented with chronic neck and left arm pain. Her pre-operative MRI image below shows bulging degenerative cervical discs at C5/6 (magenta arrow) and C6/7 (red arrow). The C6/7 disc (red arrow) was like a hardened (calcified), deflated ‘car tyre’ affecting the surrounding bone (Modic change) and nerve tissue (stenosis, impingement, radiculopathy). The cross-sectional […]

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Growing a bridge of bone in the core of cervical fusion cages using geneX

Australian TGA-approved geneX (from Biocomposites, UK; supplied in Australia by JoySurgical) has uniquely bio-engineered properties aimed at enhancing bone formation, including within the core of cervical fusion cages. The negatively charged surface chemistry attracts cells required for bone growth and remodeling. A key goal in modern anterior cervical fusions is to create a healthy bone […]

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Patients’ Google Reviews of C.N.S. Neurosurgery

Google Reviews represent the benchmark in independent verified reviews. My staff and I are deeply grateful for the Google reviews of C.N.S. Neurosurgery that have started to be put up by my brain and spine surgery patients following the official recent Google listing of this Practice. We work diligently to deliver the highest standard of […]

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Leading Edge of Spinal Surgery: How Far Medical Science and Technology Have Come

It’s truly amazing and uplifting to see how far medical science & technology, standing upon the broad shoulders of human ingenuity and tenacity, have come. Images below: Robotic spinal surgery helping people overcome their suffering via tiny incisions, i.e., minimal surgical trauma. This patient of mine (whose images are shown here with his permission and […]

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